Octane City are a global streaming organization with the goal of fueling streamer success. We represent all types of streamers from across the globe. Whether they are pushing for their first 20 followers or a partnership with Twitch we cater our knowledge of the streaming industry to fuel every individual’s endeavours within the streaming world. We know that being a small to mid sized streamer can be a struggle sometimes and we are here to support and help you reach your streaming goals!

If you are interested in joining the stream team head to the Stream Team page for more info!


Upon joining a stream team, many people feel like their job is done. They have been accepted – yes, great! “But what next?” Time after time people become left behind and the members that are continuously pushing their channel growth aren’t always given the recognition or credit they deserve.

We see this often and feel our unique tier system is the perfect way to differentiate the streamers that are actively pushing their channel growth, helping the community and wanting to further their streaming endeavors to the members who are less invested.

With our smooth application and progression process through Quest Mode it’s now easier than ever to check if you are eligible for a ‘tier up!’ once you hit the requirements just log into the Quest Mode dashboard and check the Gold Streamer or Diamond Streamer quest lines, if you meet the requirements hit that apply button! Once your request has been verified by our staff you will be awarded your new benefits… and that feeling of accomplishment!

Did someone say benefits? We have tons of perks to tiering up from exclusive artwork to discounts from partners such as My Gaming Career and coupons for playerslounge.co. We are always updating and looking for new ways we can engage our team with their continuing efforts! 

Streaming can be tough and not always rewarding, but it can pay off if you put in the time and energy. We feel our tier system is a great way to keep you engaged enough while you push for that next personal milestone!

What are you waiting for? Join Us!


What other stream team has a full Twitch bot, Discord integration, built in application process, tier system, stream analysis all provided for free? For more info on the bot features head over to OC Bot, interested in joining? Head to the Stream Team page!