Welcome to Octane City!

Welcome to the new face of Octane City – what began as an organization focused on the discovery and growth of content creators grew into a global gaming brand, rooted in providing casual and competitive tournaments on Twitch’s most popular games and collaborating with pro leagues as well as supporting gamers who aspire to establish a reputation within the world of gaming and streaming. Take your chance to be the centre of a continuously growing community and experience the true meaning of gaming. Participate in casual and competitive tournaments, connect with our experienced stream team and watch your twitch account grow by doing what you love.

A stable community, experienced staff, and a sophisticated XP-reward-system are the foundation of our discord server. By uniting gaming, casual chatting, and professional marketing, Octane City allows streamers, gamers, designers and developers to interact with one another in an open-minded and global network.

Work your way through different stages of our stream-team offers and unlock unique rewards: ranging from automatic live posts of your stream, discounts on partnered products all the way to gifted subs on twitch and more. Meet like-minded users or teach and improve your skill by grouping up with other players through our advanced bot. Let Octane City be the key to your personal journey to success.

Join us over on Discord!

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