Streamer Spotlight Interview With NorthcuttOW

We caught up with Northcutt for a few questions! Check out the interview below.

Start by telling us about yourself!
My IRL name is Søren, 23 years old and from Denmark. I’m a former pro cyclist, but quit the sport when i was around 21 and i’m now in uni and studying business economics. I always had a passion for gaming (mainly fps shooters). So thats what you will see mostly on my channel when i stream.

Why did you start streaming?
I started streaming so my friends could tag along with me, since we never really could play together (Cuz of the ranked diff between me and them was to high). So it was a place where i could still hangout with them and ”play” with them. I quickly found out that Twitch was more than that, and slowly began to create new friendships and build up a community, which i fell in love with. I have been addicted to streaming ever since.

What games do you play?
I mainly play OverWatch where you’ll see me in the Grandmaster rank and also Top500. I would love to stream other game like World Of Warcraft, Minecraft and so on one day. But for now i really only stream OverWatch.

What do you enjoy most about streaming?
Hands down the community aspect of it! Seeing all the new people come in that you get to know or just when your regulars are there and you just chat with them for 8 hours, it really is something special. There is no other feeling out there.

Could you give any advice to new streamers?
HIDE YOUR VIEWER COUNT! Let yourself and your personality shine through, no matter how many is watching. That would be my #1 tip.

Are there any other games we can expect to see on your channel or new content?
Short answer right now. no. But in the future i hope to stream many other games, no matter the title.

Favourite Game Character and why?
Hanzo from OverWatch. I like bow’s okay.

Finally, if you could choose any super power, what would you choose?
There is no superpower i could want. I have the perfect life and i’m content with everything i have achieved within it and where it’s heading right now.

Thanks so much for your time Søren!

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