Diamond Streamers

  • Chronoshift Founder

    Jamie, aka Chronoshift, from the midlands – UK. 26 years, streamer, father, gamer, food eater & air breather. Outside of full-time work & family life, the founder of Octane City streams highly interactive content for his viewers as much as possible. Tune in!

  • Raztasticc Stream Team Manager

    Raztasticc, aka Grayson, is a 23 year old from North East England. Passionate about gaming and computing, he has owned games on almost every platforms since PS1 but settled mainly on PC. Raztasticc enjoys attending conventions such as London Comic Con and various other local events. Grayson is a variety streamer, however, mainly focuses on Overwatch, Fortnite & World of Warcraft.

  • Awakenluke Diamond Streamer

    Luke is a 28 year old from Brisbane, Australia. He is the drummer in rock band Awaken I Am and also runs a touring agency running tours for international bands. Luke’s streams is a mix of “Talk Show” discussing and advising around building a career in the music industry hosting an array of special guests as well as “IRL” on tour and in his down time can be found playing Fortnite.

  • Mcar313 Diamond Streamer

    Mike, known as Mcar313 on PC and Hammer Returns on XBox, is a 29 year old streamer and content creator from New York! He has been playing on all platforms since he was old enough to hold the controller or reach the computer. Mike is a variety streamer but recently has been playing Fortnite at a high level. Mike streams for his sister who battles lupus and together over the past 4 years they have raised over $40,000! 25% of all proceeds from gaming go to the Lupus Foundation – so show Mike some support!

  • King Diamond Streamer

    Brenden, aka King, is a 20 year old streamer from BC, Canada. He’s been a Nintendo kid from as early as he can remember and an avid Smash player but in recent years he found a passion for shooters like Fortnite! Aside from streaming – Brenden is also a competitive Dancer and has represented Canada at World of Dance. The only thing he loves more than making people smile is making them laugh!

  • Kattali Diamond Streamer

    Clara, aka Kattali, is a 25 year old variety streamer from Ohio. She likes internet dance parties, gaming and her 2 labradoodles. Outside of streaming (and internet partying!) she works part-time at a pet store. She’s insanely interactive on her streams so make sure you check her out!

  • Zrovi Diamond Streamer

    Sean ‘Zrovi’ Myers is a 16 year old devoted gamer and streamer from Michigan, USA. He found his love for video games at the age of four and has never looked back! In recent years this passion has pushed him to more competitive titles such Call of Duty, Rocket League and Fortnite. His streams are full of entertainment, humor and of course, skill.

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