Octane City Management Interview with Medivhus

Tell people who you are!

I am Medivhus, CTO of Octane City – I’m a German Engineer and mad man who likes coding as much as gaming. I am also known to be the nerd between nerds.

What’s your story with Octane City?

On a fateful day at the beginning of this year a random weirdo contacted me about an idea. What he said sounded very interesting and after a bit of talking I got on board.

First, we designed a sort of quick and easy system, which lacked a lot of the features we wanted to include but got us started in a short time.

Since then we planned and created a ton of new features to add unique things to the system and now, we are here, Octane City’s new bot, XP system, marketplace etc.

I’ve been called worse.. Tell people about the new system and the new Octane City features!

Everyone likes games and systems which are close to those. So we thought of a way to add that feeling of progression and unlocking of rewards to the general Discord and Twitch experience of the community.

One of the results of this is that we have 2 different level trees, one for streamers and one for the entire community, which have different rewards and ways to climb.

And, because everyone likes showing off even more than winning itself we added a leaderboard and profiles which you can share to gloat about your XP lead.

What’s the plans for future updates?

We have so many plans, more than I can spoil in one go! The first thing people will most likely see are balance updates and new ways to earn different types of XP and Credits. After that we want to add bigger features, like Achievements and Badges in your profiles. But since we all know that working together is better than going at anything alone, we will be listening for feedback and community wishes and see which of those we can add as well.

Great stuff! So, what do you enjoy outside of coding?

When I am not coding (which is not that much time!) I usually play games like League of Legends or Apex – which I also sometimes stream. If I am not in the mood for gaming though I also watch Anime, usually whichever are running at the time (Isekai being my favourite genre).

But since all of those things are done sitting in front of your PC I added weightlifting to my hobbies a short while ago, while my diet is still not great I do stick to my training… mostly.


MOBA! While I can and do enjoy the fast-paced nature of a game like Apex Legends I must admit that winning is the most fun for me. Keeping that in mind and combining it with my abysmal hitrate (14% in Overwatch for example) it’s not that easy for me to win any shooter against players.

In MOBA’s you have a lot more strategy involved which is one of my stronger sides so I’ll stick to that as my main category!

What is “Kabelsalat”

One of those beautiful German words, like Schadenfreude. See we Germans are very creative people so we create our words by literally adding multiple words together. For example a plane is called a “Flugzeug” which literally translated means fly stuff.

Kabelsalat thus describes the combination of cables (Kabel) and salad (salat), which is something you are trying to avoid when building pc’s or anything in general.

Thanks Medivhus! Any last words? You mentioned streaming, where can people watch you live?

I am happy so many people enjoy the new Octane System and I hope that we can keep adding things people love so we can all have fun together.

People can find me at https://www.twitch.tv/medivhus but my tag is usually Medivhus on all bigger platforms like youtube, twitter and so on. I would love to meet more Octane City everywhere I go!

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