Streamer Spotlight Interview With CuppofClutch

Grats to CuppofClutch on becoming this week’s Streamer Spotlight! We caught up with him for a few questions! Check out the interview below.

Why did you start streaming?
I started YouTube back in 2016 when I got out of the military. I accumulated about 5K subs and then decided to switch over to Twitch to try it out and I can communicate with people way faster. I would like to eventually be someone that makes a huge difference on someone’s life! Always trying to entertain and motivate people that support me!

What games do you play?
I mostly play competitive games. I have always been in the 1 percent of KD and wins of players. I’m always trying to improve whatever I can. I love first person shooters! Honestly i’ll play any of them! Fortnite, COD, Halo, h1z1, Gears. Huge list. Occasionally you will find me playing MMO also.

What do you enjoy most about streaming?
The thing I enjoy most out of all of it, is the people that come in and say their day was horrible until the came in to watch. I always carry good vibes with me. I would love to make a bigger difference in this world. Small victories are always something I will always strive for. I have countless time kids coming in saying they are bullied or lost someone close. With my military background and the people I have lost I’m easy to understand what they are going through. I am really down to earth and a great teacher.

Could you give any tips for new streamers?
The biggest tip I have for people starting out, is to always be talking. No matter what it’s about. You can do stories or just tell people what your plan is during the next minute of gameplay. Most people will lurk on the channel and decided in the next couple of seconds if they actually would like to talk to you. If you are sitting there breathing in the mic and just playing the game, it is boring. Everyone is playing the same game. What makes someone want to follow is the deference you have compared to the 99 percent. Be weird, be outgoing. Show people that you deserve to be bigger than everyone else. Even if no one is watching, someone might find you.

What content can we expect from Cupp in the future?
I’ll be bringing Octane City to the top with me. I plan on making this team the biggest around. Such great people are in here. My content right now will be on improving relationships with other streamers and making life long friends! I plan on the next year to be averaging around a 100 viewers. I have been doing this everyday 3 hours a day for the past 1 and half and i don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

Favourite drop location in Fortnite and why? Pleasant Park is my favourite right now. I love the blue house on the left side. Has three chest locations and a ton of floor drops. I don’t like landing places that don’t have many people so when your watching there always be fighting! No one wants to watch someone play farming simulator lol!

Favourite movie? Interstellar. Its a space movie that involves long distance space travel with theoretical time travel. Its as close to realistic as our current technology will allow.

If you could choose any super power, what would you choose?
I would 100 percent do teleportation! How much money and time would I save by doing it lol. When I was in the military I got to see a lot of the world. Now I have to pay so much money to see the world lol

Thanks so much for your time Cupp! πŸŽ‰

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