Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Launch Times

          We’re just hours away from the much-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release. This is the first original Modern Warfare to launch for modern consoles and many fans are itching to get started. It’s best to note that this game is not anything like the Modern Warfare games before. It is neither a remake or remaster, but rather a complete reboot. Alongside many amazing new features, this will be the first game in the Call of Duty franchise to allow for cross-platform gaming.

            The game will be receiving a platform-based release. The game will launch for PC at 9:00 PM United States Eastern Time. The image below will help PC gamers depict what that means for them. Meanwhile, console players will be able to play the game starting at midnight. For those who preordered the game digitally, Activision will be unlocking the game at the same time they launch the game for PC.

Call of Duty PC Launch Graphic
Credit: Activision

            To help those who preordered a hard copy, Activision has requested that GameStop allows customers to pick up their preorders at 9:00 pm US EST as well. However, this is not exactly an official policy so it is only being spread by word of mouth through GameStop employees rather than being made into a public announcement through social media by the company. This may vary by store based on local management discretion so, it’s best to call and confirm with your local GameStop before jumping to any conclusions

            Regardless of what platform you play, everyone will be up and playing the new Call of Duty game tomorrow! The game is an incredible 65GB download, so gamers looking to download the game better be sure to have that space available.

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