… is our new and improved application process, it’s our tier system controlled under one roof, it’s a portal for you to manage and analyse your channel content, a way to keep you engaged with other Octane City members and a way for our sponsors and partners to interact with you and your viewers through our brand-new Twitch bot.

So, you are new to Octane City and want to get involved? Head over to bot.octane.city, link your Twitch, join the Discord and fill out some basic info. If you meet the requirements and fit what we are looking for, when your application is accepted you’ll receive a Discord notification welcoming you to the stream team! 

You have been accepted! Nice! What now? Unlike other stream teams we strive to engage and encourage all our streamers to reach their potential. As a stream team member, you have enabled the Twitch bot on your profile to greet other Octane City members that pass through! Cool! Not only that, you will have access to additional sections in our Discord from the general #stream team chat to our #game opportunities channel.

Want to progress to the next tier? All the information will be displayed at bot.octane.city and you can apply to tier up by meeting some additional requirements.

One of our greatest features of the Twitch bot is automated messages direct to your channel. Why would you want automated messages on your channel? Everyone knows the big-time streamers have multiple sponsorship deals, viewers see these streamers partnered with big companies and will watch because “he has sponsors, he must be good.. right?” But we know really great small to mid-sized streamers find it difficult in the early stages to secure these types of deals – this is why we stepped in to help. Our sponsors have the ability to interact with you and your viewers through Octane City. Messages can be fired through to you and your viewers notifying them of unique sponsored giveaways, exclusive coupon/promo codes or sponsored products at a discounted price. We will soon be adding a way for Diamond Streamers to benefit from this financially too!

We are removing the stigma that only the big streamers can get the good sponsorship deals, we can come together as a group and also share these opportunities as growing, ambitious streamers.

Our bot is always being developed and updated, if you have a suggestion please reach out to us at hello@octane.city.