Founded by Jamie Anderson in early 2018 as a streaming platform, Octane City began as an organization focused on building a network of content creators; promoting discovery and growth. 10 months later, with thousands of community members, Medivhus Nikrandt and Cole Zerr joined the executive team to found what Octane City is today, a global gaming brand that collaborates with pro leagues, provides casual/competitive tournaments, and supports streamers and players in the video gaming industry alike.

Octane City has evolved into more than just a streaming platform but has become a large community of casual and professional gamers. With a focus on Twitch’s most popular games, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS:GO, Octane City provides streamers and players with a prominent community built around some of their favorite games.


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At Octane City, we are dedicated to fueling streamer growth and networking, while continuing to build strong relationships with players and viewers alike. Furthermore, Octane City will continue to provide thrilling events for community members, with plans to expand and build as we grow. With members all over the globe, we want to connect gamers and streamers together to create a positive experience and give hundreds of thousands of people an environment that they can enjoy and call home.