a global streaming organization with the goal of fueling streamer success


Jamie “Chronoshift” Anderson started streaming in late 2017 and quickly amassed a regular following from his highly interactive Rocket League streams. As his passion for streaming grew, he found a lot of smaller streamers in his network struggling to gain views, even though they had great content. As streaming only continues to gain popularity, a lot of high-quality streamers struggle to get noticed – Jamie felt inclined to help in any way he could, and on March 1st 2018, Jamie re-branded his Rocket League Discord server to a streaming community now with a new focus of providing streamers a platform to showcase their talent with the rest of the group. With inspiration from the famous Rocket League car – “Octane City” was born.

In under a year Octane City has grown significantly and are now seen as a global streaming organization. Continued partnership with RL Insider and the recent implementation of Quest Mode have been key in growth as the Discord server recently reached 10,000 members and the stream team surpassed 200 unique & talented streamers. But this is only the beginning.

Octane City’s ongoing mission is fueling streamer success – whether this is monetary success, fame and recognition or just plain enjoyment out of streaming we give every streamer the opportunity to grow and reach their individual goals. We want streamers to come through our doors with the confidence of establishing their own brand within our brand, Octane City.


We are proud to work with these people!